Saturday, October 18, 2008

I miss my hair!

Yes I've gone and done it again. I've broke down and got a trim from a professional. I said I only wanted two inches but I think he cut up to four, maybe more. I thought by going to a barber, they wouldn't be hair butchers, but I guess I was wrong. Before the cut, it was almost hip length and now its above waist. Grrr! Since hair grows only 1/2in a month, it could take almost a year to grow that much back. My bf thinks I crazy, cuz its just hair after all, "It will grow back," he says. Those who do not have long hair just dont get it. They don't understand the time and care that it takes in growing it and the pride and attachment that comes with it. Cutting it can be compared to like cutting off an arm or a leg. Some people even cry when a significant amount is cut off, either willingly or not. I am grateful that it wasnt more. The plus side is that it is much healthier, it was starting to tangle like mad and started to drive me crazy. This experience has made vow to take care of my hair better so that it can grow long and healthy again.